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Hinsdale Township High School District 86
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16-307/1/2016Kimberly FornekPioneer Press
Provide copies of the questions that were asked of District 86 residents via mail survey and via phone survey about a future referendum for facility improvements.
16-296/30/2016Mike TracyMineral Masters
I would like to know what the high school pays for a 55 gallon drum of hand soap.
16-266/7/2016Jerry MejdrichResident
A list of all non-voter approved (no referendum) bond sales since 1962. Please include the date of sale, the amount of sale, the specific  purpose of the sale, the net interest cost of each sale and if the bond is retired or still being paid out.
16-255/31/2016Gus CalderoneIllinois Alarm System
All documents pertaining to installation, service/service plans, monitoring and or inspections for burglar alarms, fire alarms, camera systems and or card access systems used in HTHS86 buildings.
16-245/16/2016Joan Brandeisresident
Provide a copy of the email or letter sent by Ed Corcoran to Dr. Law and the BOE referring to policy 2:225
16-235/11/2016Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
Provide a list of organizations that rent space at both Central and South.
16-225/2/2016Brian McSherrySmart Local 265
Provide the names of the contractors that have been awarded work for summer construction and/or maintenance work for any building owned or leased by your school district.
16-214/29/2016Katherine Paternoresident
Please identify the policy requiring residents to file a petition-identify the policy requiring a separate notice of meeting already posted on the website - provide documents from residents relating to the Petition to Modify Buffer Zone
16-204/27/2016Khrystyna RaykoDebevoise and Plimpton, LLP
All bids and any scoring information for the HTHS86 request for proposal 16-035 for your 403b and 457b retirement plans.
16-194/15/2016Katherine Paternoresident
The number of incoming freshmen at Central and South for 2016-17 school year and the current number of students by grade level at both schools. The number of students considered special circumstances and the names and addresses of all students at Central.
16-184/11/2016Katherine Paternoresident
The number of incoming freshmen at Central and South for 2016 -17 school year. Also, total current enrollment at Central and South. The budgets for HTHS86 and documents addressing over crowding issue at Central.
16-174/6/2016Joan Brandeisresident
Provide the email E. Corcoran was referring to in the board meeting on  Monday, April 4th regarding capital improvements and the $40 million he has brought up - he had sent it to the board.
16-164/4/2016Olga MarshallHaynes and Boone, LLP
Copies of the final documents - judgments or settlements  regarding Hinsdale Township High School 86 and Dr. Keith Bell.
16-153/29/2016Katherine Paternoresident
The boundary maps from 1964 to present for the District - any petitions for detachment or annexation received from the ROE from 1965 to present - objections made by the District - all documents provided for the BOE meeting on April 18th.
16-143/28/2016Nathan MihelichIllinois Retired Teachers Association
Provide the name, title, and email address of all employees who are retiring or leaving the District in 2016.
16-133/16/2016Joshua DwyerOne Chance Illinois
A list of all courses offered at Hinsdale Township High School District 86.
16-122/5/2016Deborah WeissMatt Cohen and Associates, LLC
Records describing the structure, programming, and disciplinary plan for the HAVEN classroom - the targeted classroom population. Also, records describing the behavior and social emotional support structure - DBT, and other methodology,
16-112/16/2016Noel ManleyD86 Resident and Taxpayer
Provide all electronic and written communications between Dale Kleber and the HTHS D86 including but not limited to any BOE members, administrators, faculty, and staff.
16-102/16/2016Jill Quinonesself
Copies of any and all invoices issued to entities renting pool time from D86 from January 1, 2015 to present. Include Hornet Swim Club and Hinsdale Swim Club - all related expenses billed to renter.
All public records related to bond issues and requirements - all correspondence between the district and any agent or rep of the district. Please note this request has been combined with FOIA 16-06.
16-082/8/2016Marcus Ohnemus, MAEd, ATCATI Physical Therapy
Information regarding the current Sports Medicine and Athletic Training agreement - services being offered and provided, hours allotted for services, associated fees, and the term of your current agreement.
Copies of the December 2015 and the January 2016 Treasurers Report. Also the spreadsheet used to generate the Equity Balances By Month within the Treasurers Report.
All public records related to the letter dated 1-19-16 to the BOE - Misapplication of Funds - and all public records for fiscal years 2012-16 that document the Surety Bonds for the Treasurer of District 86 - including
FOIA16-06Yes - pending payment
16-052/3/2016Gabriella LauricellaSmartProcure
Purchasing records from 2015-04-16 to current. Include PO number, date, line item details, quantity, and price. Also, vendor ID number, name, address, contact person, and email address.
16-041/11/2016Trey CobbOne Chance Illinois
The number of students enrolled in the gifted and talented program by  - grade level, race/ethnic, income, and gender classifications.
16-031/11/2016Mr. Noel Manleyself
Please provide the titles, authors, publishers, editions and ISBN numbers of all texts and books used in any social studies, civics, US History, World History and cultural studies courses taught at HTHS 86 for 2015 - 16 school year.
16-021/5/2016Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
The document discussed during open session of the Monday BOE meeting during the Presidents Report and according to that Report prepared by the attorney, as an estimate of the scope of an investigation to be conducted into certain emails.
16-011/4/2016Mr. Tim PeiffleNorthern Illinois Radon LLC
A bid tabulation for the most recent award for radon measurement services, copies of any radon measurements performed by HTHS86, copies of any reports or findings in response to radon measurements, copies of previous radon mitigation
15-7812/30/2015Noreen FolioConstruction Market Data
Bid tabulation on installation of shades at Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South - project that bid last August 2015.
15-7712/21/2015Mr. Ted Lachself
The credentials of the physics teachers at Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South - (1)school/university attended, (2) year of graduation, and (3) degree received.
15-7612/14/2015Joan Brandeisself
Send all email correspondence that was discussed by the board at the December 7th board meeting. It was sent by a community member for the board to investigate.
15-7512/7/2015Mr. Dale E. Kleberself
Any record of any communication dated on or after March 12, 2015 that refers or relates to any lawsuit, litigation, claim or complaint, whether judicial or administrative in nature, alleged, filed, or threatened to be filed against either Dr. Law,
FOIA 15-75Yes
15-7411/19/2015Michael Ockrimself
A spreadsheet identifying the program coaches and their email addresses for each of the extra-curricular activities for the district for the 2015 - 2016 school year.
15-7311/17/2015Kimberly FornekPioneer Press - The Doings
Copies of any communication from the Attorney General to any School District 86 staff member, attorney, School Board member or officials regarding the disclosure of information about Dr. Bruce Laws contract before the School Board voted on it.
15-7210/28/2015Kylie Spahnself
Reasons for not testing - Code 15 Refusal - for the PARCC testing that was administered in Hinsdale Township High School District 86 in the spring of 2015.
15-7110/20/2015Kimberly FornekPioneer Local - The Doings
A current copy of the Superintendents contract.
15-7010/6/2015Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
Copy of the grievance board member Ed Corcoran filed Aug. 15 against a community member - J. Brandeis. A copy of Superintendent Bruce Laws decision on that grievance. Both were mentioned at the BOE meeting on October 5th.
15-6910/5/2015Michael TracyMineral Masters
The price the schools pay for pool chemicals. Price per gallon for sodium hypochlorite - chlorine - and price per gallon for hydrochloric acid.
15-689/25/2015Noel Manleyself
A complete listing of all legal expenses charged to HTHS 86 for the fiscal years July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 and July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.
15-679/24/2015Kara PrincipeIN,IL,IA Foundation for Fair Contracting
Any and all bid documents, estimates, proposals substantiating the claim that a project was a bid in which D86 received prevailing wage bids at 0.25 higher than bids without prevailing wage - copy of the petition or resolution referred
15-669/24/2015Noel Manleyself
Provide overtime payments made to all Hinsdale Township HS hourly employees for the fiscal period July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.
15-659/18/2015Patrick McCraneyBetter Government Association
Copies of collective bargaining agreements, Administrator contracts, SY2016 Budget, legal settlements from Jan. 1, 2014 to present, and payroll information.
15-649/18/2015Joan Brandeisself
Copies of all complaints and/or grievances made against myself or any other community member based on Noel Manleys audience communication statement suggesting Ed Corcoran file a grievance.
15-639/1/2015Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
A copy of the security video from Hinsdale South involving Claudia Manley and others on March 12 - 13, 2015.
15-628/31/2015Noel Manleyself
All official documents of the District giving consent to having the lawsuit of Manley v. Law removed to federal court. Records should include any BOE meeting agenda item, BOE meeting minutes, or BOE meeting video recordings.
15-618/31/2015Charlene RocheSmart Procure
Purchase orders dated 4-16-15 to current - PO number, date, line item details, quantity, price. Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person, and email address.
15-608/26/2015Mr. Donald O'Neilself
A listing of the actual dollar amounts paid for stipends by school, activity, and individual for the school year 2014-2015.
15-598/24/2015Veretta YanceyDuPage County NAACP
A discipline handbook, 2009-2014 information on number of students suspended, expelled, or arrested at school-data on number of employees in district by gender, race, salary, and title-programs used to improve discipline
15-588/20/2015Mr. Roger Kempaself
Communications in all forms to and from all parties concerning the banking and investment RFP other than those deemed to be successful RFPs presented for final selection in the Finance Committee and then to the BOE.
15-578/19/2015Joan Brandeisself
Copies of all legal invoices related to the lawsuit against Dr. Law and D86 by Noel Manley or any other attorneys representing C. Manley. Copies of court documents related to the lawsuit Dr. Law and D86.
15-568/19/2015Donald P. O'Neilself
Copy of the TRS report for school year 2014-15, listing of stipends by school, activity, and individual for school year 2014-15 and a copy of the Teacher Union/District current contract.
15-558/19/2015Joseph W. HartIllinois Education Association
The names of all non-certified support staff employed in Hinsdale Township High School District 86 excluding those already represented by an IEA-affiliated local.
15-548/11/2015Shelley ParkerData Research Partners
A listing of all Hinsdale Township High School District 86's employees first and last names, email address, title/position, and primary campus location.
15-538/6/2015Noel Manleycitizen
Please provide copies of any and all recordings whether audio, video, digital, on DVD, tape or other electronic format of any conversations between Claudia Manley, Mary Sullivan and a student on or near Hinsdale South on March 12 or 13, 2015.
15-527/28/2015Dan FarnhamSuburban Life Media
Copy of the security video from March 12 outside Hinsdale South High School that shows interactions.
15-517/24/2015Bruce Davidsonself
A copy of the contract , if any, between HTHS 86 and Dr. Jeffrey Litman, providing for Dr. Litman to provide services as a Uniform Grievance Procedure independent reviewer in connection with an incident at Hinsdale South on March 12 or 13, 2015.
Copies of the security video from March 12, 13, and or 14 from or near Hinsdale South High School.
15-496/18/2015Kimberly FornekPioneer Press
The 2015 - 2016 certified staff salary percentage increase over 2014 - 2015 both individual and total.
15-486/15/2015S. Ryan SwinkRFP Center Mathematica Policy Research
Copies of all proposals submitted in response to Hinsdale Township High School District 86s RFP called - Student Growth Model.
15-476/15/2015Robert BaierSheet Metal Workers' International Association
All information for summer construction and or maintenance work planned for the District including - HVAC, exhaust systems, metals for weatherproofing, gutters and or downspouts - contracts awarded.
15-466/12/2015Joan Gundlach Brandeisself
A copy of the letter from the BOE to Claudia Manley regarding the grievance investigation.
15-456/5/2015Greg GoetzeBlack Dog Chicago Corporation
All information regarding last years paper bid.
15-446/1/2015Jan MontellaLaborers District Council, LMCC Dept.
The certified payroll for the contractor who performed the work on the Hinsdale Central Softball Field project.
15-435/27/2015Morgan Polikoff, Ph.D.USC Rossier School of Education
List of math and science textbooks used-title and publisher, the grade each textbook is used, which version of the book is used and the year the textbook was first used.
15-425/22/2015N. BradyISQFT
The name of the project manager for the New Lift Station and Miscellaneous Work at Hinsdale South HS and the budget or engineers estimate for the work.
15-415/21/2015Julie DustinDataBid
The name of the architect for the new lift station and miscellaneous work at Hinsdale South High School.
15-405/12/2015Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
All documents referred to by the Board President during the Monday night-May 11th meeting during open session as purporting to be legal advice on the composition of a special committee set to meet at 4pm May 18th to receive report from Dr. Litman
15-395/6/2015Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
The video files of the following BOE meetings-March 23, April 13, and April 27, 2015. I will accept the files on disc media,or,in lieu of production-instructions on how to download the files from the District website.
15-385/5/2015Ethan Watermanself
Any and all communications between board members and the Superintendent - since April 1st - regarding the appointment of a board member to fill Mr. Victor Casini s upcoming vacancy.
15-375/4/2015Ms. Yvonne Mayerself
Any and all pleadings filed by Claudia and Noel Manley and or Dr. Bruce Law and HTHS86 in Case 2015MR000582 in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court, DuPage County,IL incl. affidavits and supplemental pleadings filed
15-364/14/2015Komaa Mnyofuself
Provide the current teacher's contract - can the HTHS Teacher's Union contribute to the candidates running for school board - the residency requirement for the Superintendent, Administrators, and Teachers.
15-354/2/2015Sally Nobleself
Copies of contracts for all insect and vertebrate pest control work performed and or contracted for all District facilities; copies of RFPs associated with insect and vertebrate pest control work performed at all facilities.
15-344/2/2015Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
Copies of complaints filed by student and or Mary Sullivan regarding the incident with board member Claudia Manley March 12 and or March 13 at Hinsdale South High School.
15-334/1/2015Mr. Roger Kempaself
Bid 15-014 and 15-021 with addendums and all records including but not limited to any party who contacted or were contacted by D86 in any manner during the bid process inclusive of all records and communications received.
15-323/31/2015Kimberly FornekPioneer Press - The Doings
Any complaints filed with the district against Claudia Manley, Noel Manley or Richard Skoda since March 1.
15-313/30/2015Mr. Bill Carpenterself
The video tapes of March 6, 2015 in the cafeteria at Hinsdale South for the time period of 6:00 to 8:30PM.
15-303/27/2015Michael SmithSmith Maintenance Company
A copy of the HTHS 86 Maintenance, Grounds, and Custodial Services current contract agreement.
15-293/27/2015Ameet SachdevChicago Tribune
Does the school district have any funds remaining with IMET -
15-283/26/2015David GiulianiIllinois Policy Institute
Seeking all financial records in your school district related to the last 5 annual conferences during the winter of the Midwest Suburban Superintendents Assoc. We would like to see documentation with info about sessions and activities at the conference.
15-273/24/2015Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
All documents supporting Dr. Law's 3-23-15 belief, based on "events that have occurred since March 12th" that allow him "reasonably to forecast a substantial disruption on District Property" by all, distributing materials without prior notice or request.
15-253/20/2015Jerry FrymBright Sky
A complete copy of the GCA and HTHS 86 Custodial Services contract dated July 1, 2014 including attachments, forms, and exhibits.
15-243/19/2015Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
The opinion of the district attorney, policy 4.20, to which Dr. Law refers in whatever form it may appear - email,formal correspondence,or in notes of conversations or made subsequently from recollection, and in a memo to file or in writing
15-233/17/2015Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
How much did it cost the district to put the two advisory referendum questions on the ballot-
15-223/18/2015Kimberly FornekThe Doings
Provide me with copies of any recordings,whether audio,video,digital,on DVD,tape or other format of any conversations between C. Manley and M. Sullivan and/or M. DuPont in or near Hinsdale South on March 12,13 or 14,2015.
15-213/18/2015Matt GoodwinSelf
Any and all emails sent and received from board member Claudia Manley between 3/1/15 and 3/18/15. Any privileged information may be redacted, but original emails with unredacted portions are requested.
FOIA Response 15-21completeYes
15-203/17/2015Joanne ViehmanFirst Student
Any and all documentation in regards to the termination of the districts special needs contract with the current vendor.
15-193/16/2015Tom LiaboABM
The most recent custodial,maintenance,and grounds contract awarded for Hinsdale District 86.
15-183/16/2015Jerry FrymBright Sky
Provide a copy of the current or recent custodian-janitorial contract with GCA.
15-173/12/2015Mr. Donald O'Neilself
Provide the job description for Director of Deans;sources of income totaling $199,415 for Dir of Deans-Matozzi in 2012-13;during spring of 2013-14 how many times did the Bass Fishing Club meet - how many students - where did they fish
15-163/10/2015Joanne ViehmanFirst Student
The October 2014 and Feb 2015 special ed invoices incl backup info;all summer school 2014 invoices;a copy of transportation agreement;copy of all current am,mid-day,pm and late/activity route sheets for all spec ed routes.
15-153/6/2015Ann Marie CorbettSmartProcure
Purchase order information dated Oct.27,2014 to present - PO number, date, line item details, and vendor ID number, name, address, contact person, email address.
FOIA15-15-PART1 and 2- redactedYes
15-142/27/2015Ameet SachdevBusiness Reporter, Chicago Tribune
Regarding the IMET - how much did the school district have in the Convenience Fund at the time of the fraud disclosure?How much has been restricted?Did the district have any other funds with IMET?Has the district withdrawn funds from IMET?
15-132/23/2015Pam LannomThe Hinsdalean
Provide the exact amount of the 2014 levy.
15-122/24/2015Mr. Bruce Davidsonself
A copy of the letter referred to in Feb 23rd BOE meeting as having been authored by Dr. Law and addressed to the BOE regarding production of a mailer to residents.
15-112/23/2015Dan Boris, Research DirectorSEIU Local 73
All correspondence between attorney,admin,staff,and BOE members since Nov 2014 regarding the Buildings and Grounds restructuring plan as presented to the BOE at the Feb. 9 board meeting.
15-102/10/2015Mr. Donald O'Neilself
As a follow-up to FOIA 14-52, provide Master degree information for all D86 teachers - title, the date the degree was granted, name of the university, and or the department granting the degree.
15-092/10/2015Mr. Donald P. O'Neilself
Provide an organizational chart or table showing the structure of D86 and of each school with the name and title of each person.
15-081/29/2015Yvonne Mayerself
Show at what board meeting the D86 BOE voted to approve hiring Mr. Vincent Mancini and or the Ekl firm to serve as legal counsel for the district in connection with FOIA request for review 2014 PAC 32722.
15-071/29/2015Lucia LiljegrenPrivate Tutor
List of all sections of the Physics Traditional taught by Mr. Liaw -provide syllabus or course outline on file with the high school science department. Also, list of title and author of textbooks or outline text materials required by the students
15-061/27/2015Peter Kruppself
List of lawsuits brought against D86 in the last ten years and the names of lawyers for plaintiffs,description of any disputes related to 504 relief denied by HC,copy of student park policy and list of passes granted for med reasons,total number
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