Ms. Dawn Oler, CFCS

Hinsdale Central High School

Family and Consumer Sciences Department


Single Survival

This course is designed to provide skills needed to live independently after
high school, on your own or in a college setting.  Included are the following areas of study: self-reflection, communication skills, job skills, money management, banking & credit, clothing & automobile maintenance, health, life, auto & renters insurance, & a nutrition review unit with a basic meal preparation.

Lab fee: $5.00

Suggested follow-up: Creative Cooking 1 and Personal Perspectives
Prerequisite: No. Open to grades 11 & 12 

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Multiple IQ Quiz

Personal Data Sheet Example

Final Exam Review Packet


Apartments Unit:                                    Financial Games!                                  Financial Soccer                                   Financial Football                                Smart Money Quiz Show

Laundry PowerPoint                            found at



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