TEST...........Energy Flow

Study Guide

COVERED READING: Biozone 1 pages 127-128, 130, 133-136,  Biozone 2 pages 344-348, 350, 369-370 and Biomath Packet

 and Reading online about Laws of Thermodynamics and Energy

Photosynthesis Review......Photosynthesis  and Photosynthesis Review Questions.

Practice Quiz on cellular respiration on Moodle

Photosynthesis Venn Diagram .....Answers on Moodle

Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration Review......Answers on Moodle
Activity 8C in packet answer

 Virtual Chromatography lab

Format: 70 multiple choice questions


How does energy flow through an ecosystem.  Your answer should include:

How are
materials cycled  between the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration? Your answer should include:

Mitochondria practice quiz.

TEST REVIEW with answers

know that it always takes energy to break chemical bonds and that energy is always released when chemical bonds for