TEST...........Energy Flow

Study Guide

COVERED READING: Biozone 1 pages 127-128, 130, 133-136,  Biozone 2 pages 344-348, 350, 369-370 and Biomath Packet

 and Reading online about Laws of Thermodynamics and Energy

Photosynthesis Review......Photosynthesis  and Photosynthesis Review Questions.

Practice Quiz on cellular respiration

Photosynthesis Venn Diagram .....Answers

Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration Review......Answers
Activity 8C in packet answer

 Virtual Chromatography lab

Format: 70 multiple choice questions


How does energy flow through an ecosystem.  Your answer should include:

How are
materials cycled  between the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration? Your answer should include:

TEST REVIEW with answers

know that it always takes energy to break chemical bonds and that energy is always released when chemical bonds for