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Mitigation Strategies

Layered Mitigation Strategies 

  • Masking for all staff, students and visitors is strongly recommended, but will not be enforced
  • Promote COVID-19 immunization and boosters for all eligible students and employees
  • Facilitate physical distancing in all classrooms (not less than 3 ft)
  • Facilitate physical distancing to the greatest extent possible in all other areas of the school
  • Provide access to SARS- CoV-2 diagnostic and screening protocols to decrease the probability of an outbreak or community spread
  • Promote and adhere to handwashing and respiratory hygiene
  • Clean and disinfect to maintain a healthy school environment
  • Continue to consult with DCHD on mitigation strategies
  • Continue to provide layered PPE for appropriate staff
  • Students and staff should stay home when sick