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Inside the Classroom

In September 2021, District 86 launched the "Inside the Classroom" video series to showcase the work/learning our schools are engaged in on a daily basis, and highlight some of the ways in which we support the growth, development and success of our students.

Below are the videos that have been produced during the 2023-24 school year. You can access all of the videos in the series by visiting the Inside the Classroom playlist on our YouTube channel.

Earth Science Honors at Hinsdale Central 

This video features Alan McCloud’s Earth Science Honors class at Hinsdale Central. In this lesson, students participate in a lab that strengthens their understanding of how to calculate the distance to stars using parallax.

We also hear from senior Gabriela Veliz-Hernandez who says this class has been a rewarding experience because she is able to see and apply what she is learning in her daily life just by stepping outdoors.

Transition Center job site training at Perma-Seal

In this video, we follow a Transition Center student and Paraprofessional/job coach Mary Sullivan, to a job site. We learn how the partnership between the Transition Center and Perma-Seal teaches students about responsibility, while working on their independence, and soft and hard skills.

We want to thank the Transition Center student, Mary Sullivan and Nadia Campos, the culture and talent leader at Perma-Seal, for allowing us to see how community partnerships aid in students' successful transition from school to the workplace.

AP Studio Art 3D & Advanced Glass and Metalsmithing 2 and 3 at Hinsdale South

In this video, we take a look inside a combination art class at Hinsdale South featuring AP Studio Art 3D and Advanced Glass and Metalsmithing 2 and 3. Art teacher Alison Sunseri and senior Samantha Salvino walk us through the process that goes into designing complex sculptural art projects using different materials such as clay and metals.

We want to thank Ms. Sunseri, Samantha and the rest of the class for allowing us to see their vision and creativity come to life in the art room at Hinsdale South.