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District Fees

Comprehensive Registration Fee

$50 for El Diablo (Hinsdale Central)
$70 for Vespa (Hinsdale South)

$125 per sport
$250 cap per student

Transportation Fee

Competitive Activities Fees*
$55 per activity
$110 cap per student

*$360 cap per student combined for athletics/activities

We're excited to share some updates regarding the registration fee structure for the upcoming school year. In response to feedback and to streamline the process for our families, the district is transitioning to a single comprehensive registration fee of $485. 

Here's what you need to know about the new comprehensive fee structure:

  • What's Included: The comprehensive registration fee covers all course fees, textbooks, supplies, field trips, student ID, PE uniforms, graduation fees, technology fees, course-related field trips, and activity passes.
  • What's Not Included: The comprehensive fee does not cover activities and athletic participation fees, or driver’s education fees.
  • Why It May Seem Higher: You may notice that the new registration fee appears higher than what you paid last year. This is because the cost of required course textbooks is now included in the fee. Previously, these textbooks were purchased separately by parents/guardians.
  • How Students Will Receive Course Books: The district will purchase textbooks directly from publishers, and students will receive them at the beginning of the school year within their classes. This approach allows District 86 to secure competitive pricing and reduce overall book expenses for families.  Families do not need to purchase textbooks prior to the start of the school year.
  • Benefits for Parents/Guardians: With the comprehensive fee, you'll pay a consistent annual fee during registration, making it easier to budget for school-related costs. Additionally, all textbooks will be provided on behalf of the students, simplifying the start-of-term process for both parents/guardians and students.
  • Payment Options: The $485 registration fee has been added to your student’s account in Infinite Campus. Parents/guardians have the option to set up a payment plan through the Infinite Campus portal, allowing for flexibility in managing the fee.

We believe this new registration fee structure will simplify the process for our families and provide greater transparency and consistency in fees. Please click below to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that explains the new registration fee.