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Residency Verification and Registration

District 86 is beginning preparations for the 2024-25 school year, which will include working with families to complete the registration and residency verification process for next year. 

Board policy and the Illinois School Code state that students must live within the district's boundaries in order to attend our schools. We verify residency on an annual basis to ensure that we are operating in accordance with the law and utilizing taxpayer dollars to educate students from our community. Similar to previous years, we will be using a third-party vendor to check student residency information electronically. 

In an effort to aid the speed and efficiency of this critical process, we are utilizing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Similar to previous years, the portal will house your student's schedule, attendance, grades, assignments, fee information, etc.

Any student whose registration has not been completed by August 1, 2024, will be made inactive in our system and have their schedule dropped.

Below is information parents/guardians can use to set up their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account

Creating Your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account

If you do not have a Parent Portal Account you will receive an email to create one.

Below is important information to keep in mind as you complete this process. 

  • You will receive a personalized link in your email so you can use it to set up your parent/guardian account. The email will come from
  •  Please note that the link can only be used one time - i.e., you cannot start the process and use the link again later if you do not finish. Therefore, we ask that you please carve out enough time to complete the process in one sitting. 
  • If you receive an error when you click on the personalized link, please contact the registrar for your child's school to request a new one.